Buying property, whether it be your home or an investment, is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in life. Most homes on the market are listed by a broker representing the seller. It is important as a buyer to have your own skilled professional broker giving equal representation to you, protecting your interests. There are a lot of avenues to navigate through the buying process. I look forward to the opportunity of using my expertise for your benefit and being by your side to help guide, assist, and advise you in your next purchase.

Search for Homes~

Buyer Road Map ~ What to Expect:

How Much Home do you Qualify for?

Calculate Principal / Interest Payment

To Note: Calculations made with this tool provide nothing more than Principal and Interest and are not guaranteed to be the same final numbers arrived at by your lending institution. Make sure to speak with your preferred Mortgage Lender for a personal precise quote

Preparing to Buy a Home – Where to Begin?

  • Step 1- Get Pre-Approved with a Mortgage Lender. Know how much Home you Qualify for.
  • Step 2- Get a Real Estate Agent. Do you know the seller pays the buyers agent fee on your behalf?
  • Step 3- Start shopping for your Home. Finding and Having an Accepted Offer on a home can take 30 days to 18 months on average.
  • Step 4- Once you have an Accepted Offer Set up a Home Inspection. Make sure to be there with the inspector during your inspection. You will learn invaluable information about your new home just by watching, listening, and talking to him during this time.
  • Step 5- Negotiate with Seller any Repairs. If repairs are agreed on, you will have a chance to walk through the home prior to closing to confirm completion of said items.
  • Step 6- Shop for a Home Insurance Company. Your lender will ask for this contact information as soon as you know who you will be insured through.
  • Step 7- Work with your lender to finalize the best loan program for your personal situation and lock in your rate. Be prepared to submit final W2’s, Taxes, Bank Statements etc. in a timely manner to keep the process running smoothly and on schedule.
  • Step 8- Your Lender will schedule your new Home to be Appraised. You’re almost there!
  • Step 9- Title/ Escrow will Coordinate Signing Appointment with you for the signing of all final closing/loan documents. Be prepared to bring in a cashier’s check at this time of all final closing funds / down deposit funds due.
  • Step 10- Call and set Utilities up in your name for the day of purchase. It is the Seller’s responsibility to keep utilities running through their last day of ownership. Being proactive and calling ahead is a last minute item off your list and a smart idea.
  • Step 11- Receive word that your purchase has recorded with the county. You are now a Homeowner and will receive your New Keys ~ CONGRATULATIONS!